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"It is essential not to get caught up in words,
but rather to get inspired in what comes before the word,
and anchor ourselves in that empty space.
Learn to listen deeply and understand things directly.
My language is a silent language."


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Silence heals

Publisher: Non-Duality press

Yolande Durán Serrano

and Laurence Vidal


On an ordinary suburban afternoon, Yolande Duran-Serrano, a Frenchwoman with
no interest in ‘spirituality’, was overwhelmed by a transformative silence. Journalist
and author, Laurence Vidal, documents Yolande’s experiences, from spontaneous
awakening to a profound understanding of that awakening, together with an
enthralling account of her own experience.

“It's always a joy to read an account of someone's unexpected awakening,
especially when it's so clear and fresh, and the experience is so deep and abiding.
The peace that overcame Yolande and transformed her life is available to each of
us – it's our birthright, our natural state. Silence Heals offers a direct glimpse of
what we really are.”

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