Interview – La Source (English)

In your own words, you testify to a sudden openness of the self without a reference point or a long spiritual search. What were the circumstances of this awakening?

It took only that one moment to see that all that I thought I was, I am not. I discovered by myself my true nature, and since then I am in a state of profound amazement.

Can you describe what you felt during this instant when awakening happened?

An absolutely powerful obviousness that took over everything that I thought I was.  A power that overtook the three states (wakefulness, sleep and dream) and all that they contain This is the most potent power in the universe. SILENCE HEALS. My vision has changed completely. It is no longer me who sees with the eyes of my body but it is silence that sees. It is a constant state free of thoughts. In a word, my true nature is not to think but to see the body and the senses play their roles.

What do you see differently?
Previously, my attention was focused on the world, and since this encounter my attention is focused on SILENCE. So, whether my eyes are open or closed, I only see that.

What is your teaching?
The teaching of Yolande is only the expression of her own experience and realization. A realized person uses his or her own language.
SILENCE is the best language.
SILENCE is the true teaching.
SILENCE is my unique and only reference.
In the silence of our meetings, let us be guided by the power of Silence.

Many spiritual teachers accompany their concepts, their presence, with exercises, some kind of work must be done to attain realization. Imyself was on a spiritual path for decades and I see my peers strive for this. For what? What do you think about that?

All paths lead to That, until you discover for yourself that you are the origin of the path., the source of your story and not the story. With this ultimate vision you become rooted in your rightful place. In your true nature, that is to say Unconditional Love, the one that does not think itself but experiences itself.

A few years ago, a way of thinking that you subscribe to, emerged. It expresses simply and directly non-duality. This has a true resonance with some people and is, of course, criticised by others because of the absence of practices.

The only practice we have is the meaning of existence. Whether one is spiritual or not. We all pass through the meaning of existence in a spontaneous way during childhood. Existence (the person) has the power for a number of years. Many people do not even realize they are trapped and limited by the meaning of existence .And then one moment is enough, spontaneously the meaning of non-existence returns to power. That’s all. So the practice is the same for all: LIFE. Critics are in life, but life is in us.

In your words, you testify, after your awakening, to an alternation of uninterrupted expansion- tightening- dilation which is your life. Can you tell us in a few words what you are going through?

Yes, when I close my eyes, everything is reabsorbed in the silent energy of emptiness. In this space of freedom, everything can be expressed. A mysterious power manifests itself. It is as if there was an awareness of the expansion of the universe. Then apparitions present themselves, people in distress that

I have never met flash by in « that which sees », animals, parts of the Earth where I’ve never been, faces of people, dead and alive. The pinnacle of what we are is this pure non-oriented energy which expresses itself in multiple ways. The important thing is to really know oneself. Reality abounds with life in its own way.

How would you describe your relationship to the outside world?
The objective world is but the expression of what I am. My senses are focused and rooted in this supreme mystery. Whether my eyes are open or closed, I only see That. The Pure Energy is manifested in different forms but not separate.

Frequently, spiritual seekers have questions about exercises or efforts needed to achieve this awakening. When someone asks for a method, an exercise, what do you answer?

Everything is given, we all have the capacity within us to awaken to the Eternal Present. However, there are two paths, two possibilities, or two accomplishments. One is achieved by long, slow and hard work. This is the work of understanding: which  is called the progressive path.
Or, one fine day, we discover all of a sudden, through the direct path, one’s true nature. This is what is called spontaneous awakening, the direct path.

Your book is entitled Silence heals. How would you define this silence?

I cannot define this silence, I can just live it. We are not separate. Silence is this mysterious energy that is more powerful than the sun’s energy.

To end our discussion, what might you add?

Let us have confidence. Peace and tranquillity are our true nature. The answer must come spontaneously. There is no solution to be who we really are, because we already are!

For you, what is Love?

Love is to be conscious of eternity … LOVE does not think itself … IT IS … simply … before thinking of being.

Interview by Jean-Pierre Chometon

Traduction : Alain Choquet