In 2003, and as a result of a spontaneous awakening,
Yolande quits her career and her lifestyle to devote
herself to the observation of the silence/presence she
speaks of. She currently shares her experience and
her point of view in gatherings and retreats all over
the world:

"The whole problem arises from the belief that we are
this person. Silence is our true source and is natura
l in every one of us"

Yolande Duran

Cristina Rodés

In love with Silence

We cannot frame Yolande within any tradition, philosophy or spiritual current. She has not been a seeker, either.

However, despite this surprising background, about 12 years ago she awoke radically and abruptly to the silence/presence that we all are. Unaware, she became disconnected from her psychological self. She stopped having a personal history. The mind became transparent and functional. An absolute and immutable silence placed itself in the center stage of her life and since then her only desire has been to go deeper into this silence as a woman in love with this silence.


From the lucidity and the conviction that always walks by her side, Yolande encourages all to discover themselves in this silence that always dwells within.
She lives her life true to herself and from a position of not-knowing. She answers questions the moment they are asked, putting her gaze on the question and responding with simplicity, without resorting to what is already known; and inviting us to embrace life, to discover it as we walk it.


“From Silence one becomes evidently aware that the only true master is in this life of ours, unraveling to each one of us in a unique and non-transferable way. By giving way to Silence, we learn how to trust and how to make ourselves available, recognizing is us who we really are“.

-"My truth is this breathing, my truth is within silence..."